Day Six – Old Havana and Morro Castle

Today we didn’t do any singing. It’s the first day since our arrival that we haven’t sung. I think the timing was perfect. It’s tough to sing everyday, especially when on tour in a foreign country. So today we did the tourist thing and had some downtime. There’s a little less to write about because there were no surprises or schedule changes!

We started in Old Havana, which is very beautiful. It’s filled with 300-400 year old buildings from Havana’s time as a central shipping port. It is very beautiful.





It’s also filled with very aggressive street vendors who will charge you 5 CUCs to take their picture or 15 CUCs for a handmade poster (that five other vendor seem to have…whoever made those posters by hand is very, very busy!).

Run Away!

Run Away!

A few kids maybe paid a little too much for things, or maybe had to buy a few CUCs for a sketch or a serenade that they didn’t want, but no one was harmed. I had to chase a few of them off me, and when you push back on them, they aren’t aways nice about it. But, we survived.

After Old Havana it was lunch and dinner on your own. A little free time to nap, explore, check email, etc. I took a long nap. The evening was Morro Castle, which is the fort that has guarded the port of Havana for a few hundred years. At 9:00 most nights they do a little reenactment of a colonial cannon firing ceremony. If you are into that sort of thing, it was cool. Some of the kids really liked it. I was ready to leave soon after the cannon was fired. I didn’t get a lot of good photos because by the time we got to the cannon portion, it was pretty dark.



A few kids traveled across the city on their own to watch a dinner concert at another hotel. We may have some updates about that concert in the future, but I talked to them when they returned, and they had a great time.

Tomorrow we do some more souvenir shopping at the large market, and then an afternoon concert with Vocal Luna.


One thought on “Day Six – Old Havana and Morro Castle

  1. Hey you spelled cannon wrong a couple times. That’s expected for someone who likes canons more than cannons. Canons have won more hearts and minds than than cannons. Keep your canons dry and your resolvér loaded! It makes the world a much better place.

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