Update on Abuela’s Singing

I received the email below yesterday from my wife’s Tía Isabel. The email gives some background on one of my earlier posts in which I shared a recording of Niki’s abuela singing on an old recording, and some pictures of her and Niki’s abuelo in Cuba. Yuya and Maria Elena are abuela’s sisters. At the end of the post I include a few more recordings. The second recording has Guillermo singing.

Oh and to all you music majors out there…she was playing her own clave while she was singing…can you do that?

Hi Nicole,

Those recordings are
indeed from the 70’s and early 80’s.  The
person accompanying her is her paternal uncle,
Guillermo.  He was my grandfathers youngest
brother and he was blind.  The recordings were
done at various locations, our house, Yuya’s,
Maria Elena’s.  On some recordings, her
cousin Fernando, Guillermo’s son, is on
bongo’s.  The clave is usually being played
by abuela.  You may not remember, but you
knew Guillermo and were actually present
at some of these get together’s.
On his blog Josh asks if anyone knows
the name of the song. Abuela told me it is
a very old song called Dos Letras.  I do
not know which cassettes were given to
Josh but there are some where she is
singing along to LP’s, singing alone while
doing her housework, and even one where
she is singing over the phone on a call in
radio talent show.  She participated once
and afterwards they called her a few times
when they were short on contestants.
Tia & Abuela

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