Well, it’s here. The last 36 hours or so. Tomorrow we will be singing at UND’s Commencement. It’s the first time ever that Concert Choir has been involved. I’m hoping it will be a tradition that we can continue for a long time. Performing at commencement is an honor, which shows just how well respected the UND Concert Choir is here on campus.

Despite this honor, it’s going to be a long day. We arrive around 10:45 for our sound check. Commencement will probably end around 4:00 or 4:30. We sing for a total of maybe 15 minutes. 20 tops. 4 songs. So there will be a lot of hurry up and wait. I am told that we can bring books and the like, so I expect that the students will be working on their spanish, or maybe polishing their memorization (ahem!) while the ceremony goes on. Such is the nature of being a performer. It’s the way it is, and these kids know it, and are generally good spirits about it. Plus, the university is compensating us for our performance, and so that money will go toward Cuba. Win-win.

Then tomorrow night it’s packing and all that. I told the kids the other day that I don’t really care if they forget their bag, or their money, or their dress pants (not that I want them to forget that stuff, it’s just that there are ways to handle it). But if they forget their passport, well…they are really out of luck. So they are required to double, triple, quadruple check the presence of their passport at every movement from one space to another: room to car, car to airport check-in, airport check-in to airport security, etc. No passport, no Cuba. The other contingencies we can deal with, but not that one.

Update: the weather in Cuba

I will try to post tomorrow night, or maybe Sara will put something up on the blog about the students’ perspective. Either way, you’ll be hearing from us again soon.




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