Recent Recording

Outside Magazine recently posted a picture of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. The photo is here, and it shows the Morro Castle in Havana. The castle is about ten minutes from our hotel (it’s just past those buildings across the bay in the picture), and was built in 1589, which is about sixty year prior to the oldest piece we are singing on tour (Jephte). This is one of the many beautiful sites we will see on our visit to Cuba. Too bad we will miss the cliff diving competition!

Every spring the Concert Choir takes the best pieces from the year and has a recording session at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in East Grand Forks. It’s one of the best acoustics in the region, and we always sound great in there. Our recording session was awhile ago, but I was recently processing the outtakes from that session. For the next few days I will share a few of those recordings. The first track, Otche Nash (Our Father), is pretty decent. I think the students should be proud of it.


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Tomorrow is our last rehearsal before tour! We will post a special surprise soon afterwards, so stay tuned.


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