Another Reason We Are Going

The other reason we decided to go to Cuba, other than my wife’s familial connection to the island, is that there are a number of excellent choirs in Cuba. It is my understanding that the choirs are supported by the Cuban Government, and that for many of the singers singing in the choir is their full time job! These choirs are some of the best in the world, though not many people have heard them.

One of the groups we will be working with is Coro Exaudi, directed by María Felicia Peréz. You can see a photo and Spanish language biography here. They are an excellent group. We will have a combined concert with them, and also get together and do a workshop. I’m not totally sure what to expect, as I’ve never had any interaction with Cuban choral groups, but I am sure it will be an exciting, enriching experience for our singers. Below is a relatively recent recording of Coro Exaudi. It’s quite lovely.

Today was very busy. We had a two hour rehearsal and we ran through most of the pieces we’ll be singing in Cuba. Most are in good shape, though a few need some extra work on memorization. I’ve asked the singers to double their efforts. I’m sure by our last rehearsal on Thursday that everything will be cleaned up. If it isn’t, well…ahem…I’m sure it will be.

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One thought on “Another Reason We Are Going

  1. Have a great trip! Cuba is on my bucket list and I am so excited to hear the stories of your musical adventure.

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