Tour 2011: The Eagle has Landed

Arrived in Fargo at 130 pm. I 29 appears open. Home soon.


3 thoughts on “Tour 2011: The Eagle has Landed

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for allowing us to “tag along”. Was not only fun to see what the choir was up to and enjoy hearing them sing,(as always), but was added peace-of-mind. What an amazing group!!!

  2. I’m glad to hear you all made it home safe. It was a pleasure to host my niece, Sarah Arvin, and five of her friends last night night for your unexpected layover in the Twin Cities.

    I just discovered this blog today and have enjoyed reading it and confirming that the tradition of strong choral music at the University of North Dakota is alive and well. Reading about how you were received during you tour made me very proud to be a UND alumnus and former choir member and president (Fall of 1985 to Spring of 1989).

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