Tour 2011: Day Eight (Brugge)

This morning we sang at Mass in a medium sized church in the city center. I’m not sure the name of the church, as we had some last minute change of plans and wound up singing at a different church than the one on our itinerary. Later we went on a walking tour of Brugge, and then got lots of free time, through the evening. Here are some videos:

This Mass was our last singing engagement for tour. The rest of the day today and tomorrow will be relaxing, celebrating the end of our trip, and getting prepared to come back. I will try to post one or two more times, but the internet will become less and less available as we get closer to departure, so don’t expect much. I will try to get a few more students to comment on their experiences, and maybe post one or two more audio clips.

It is quite eye-opening to immerse yourself in another culture. It’s amazing what can happen when you allow yourself to follow the customs and rhythms of other people…often, you find that those customs fit you just as well, or sometimes better, than the ones you are used to. We’ve lived our lives differently here: walking everywhere, taking “coffee” at all hours of the day, communicating in mutiple languages, eating different foods, wearing scarves and pointy-toed shoes (well, not all of us are doing that). More than a few kids have said, “Can I just stay, Bronfman?”

Humor aside: this has been an amazing experience for us all.


One thought on “Tour 2011: Day Eight (Brugge)

  1. Following the blog has been fantastic!! Anxiously awaiting to hear all the great stories and memories you have made. Safe travels back home to Grand Forks!

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