Tour 2011: Day Four (Hilversum and Den Haag)

Quite a day today! Really the past 48 hours have been life changing for many of the students. We’ve seen and done so much that will have a lasting profound effect on us all. It’s very hard to describe how we all feel in a pitiful little blog such as this, so perhaps the best way is to just say words can’t express how we’ve grown.

We started early with a departure at 7 am. We waved goodbye to our host families and hit the road.

Our Host Families


When we arrived at the Media Center in Hilversum where the rehearsals of the Netherlands Radio Choir and Orchestra were being held, we were greated with this sign:

Very nice.

The choir and orchestra were preparing for this concert. We split the group and one went to see the choir and the other went to watch the orchestra. After about 30 minutes, we switched.

First the orchestra. I did not get to see the rehearsals, but I heard they were great. Most exciting was that Marin Alsop, the music director of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and  the first women to direct a major orchestra in the US, was conducting. Here is a clip:

The Radio Choir was very cool. I stayed there through both rotations. I don’t think our kids have ever heard, in person, a group like this. The sound was stunning. they were working text, so we go toe hear each voice part by itself. Here are a few short clips:

They were preparing Borodin’s Prince Igor. The kids really got a kick out of seeing a professional ensemble doing what we do every day, but doing it at a much higher level, and being paid for it. All in all, a great experience.

Next we traveled to Den Haag to meet my mentor, Dr. Andre Thomas, who just happened to be in the Netherlands during our trip, so we arranged a clinic with him. It was also a revelatory experience. I’m posting rehearsal videos below, but I’ve also enlisted the help of a student to describe the experience. I will be posting later on her experience later today, hopefully. For now, I’ll let the master class videos speak for themselves:

Today: Sight seeing in Delft and Maastricht. Homestays this evening. More to come soon.


3 thoughts on “Tour 2011: Day Four (Hilversum and Den Haag)

  1. I’m loving this blog. I’m so glad you guys are there and experiencing all that great talent and culture…keep it coming!!! And thanks for sharing!

  2. Dear UND,
    What a nice blog to read (about a.o. your visit to the Netherlands Radiochoir), and how nice to see and hear you working with Dr. Andre Thomas! I’m impressed with your beautiful, strong, fresh and healthy sound.
    I wish you all lots of success in the future, and a safe trip back home (if you’re not home already).
    Greetings from Anitra Jellema
    (second soprano Netherlands Radiochoir)

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