Tour 2011: Day Three (Dokkum and Leeuwarden)

Today was quite a ride. We stared early. We were all dropped off by our host families around 8 am, and from what I can tell, the kids had a good to great experiences (“the pancakes were awesome!”). The families were all nice and welcoming, and the kids spoke highly of their experiences. Here is my host family:

We boarded the bus for Leeuwarden, but first we stopped at a few small places in the Netherlands countryside. We saw the North Sea again, and we visited a very old church in a small village (I’m not sure of the details, your kids may know). We arrived in Leeuwarden and took a small your. There were a few kids that had had difficulty withdrawing money, and we were able to resolve their issues (don’t worry, if you did not hear from your child by now, then the are OK). A few of us with small bank had some issues withdrawing money, myself included, but we managed to work it out.

After the tour we were on our own again. There was more shopping.

We returned to the church around 2:00 pm for the Master Class with my friend Geert-Jan. The choir was very tired, but they rose to the occasion. Geert-Jan is a noted interpreter of Bach, and he worked us hard on Der Geist Hilft. The kids really responded to him and he taught all of us, myself included, quite a bit.

Tomorrow I will try to post video of the master class with Geert-Jan, and I will follow up on the exciting story of our concert in the evening…it was an incredible experience for all.


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