Tour 2011: Day One (Amsterdam)

We arrived at Schipol Airport at around 10:45 am local time. We blazed through passport control and customs, and were out of the baggage area faster than it usually takes at our own airport. The kids were great and no one got lost or boarded the wrong plane or forgot their passport (knock on wood).

We met our Tour Manager, Jacqueline. She was very nice and all business…let’s get them out of here and on the road. We made a stop at the ATMs, and then boarded the bus with our driver, Peter.

We drove into Amsterdam, parked and walked around a bit.  We visited the flower market, got some coffee and Netherlander pancakes (“those were, like, seriously the best pancakes I’ve ever had”), and then made our way to the canal tour.

50% of the canal tour was spent seeing some pretty cool sights, and 50% was spent, well, like this:

…we’ve all been up for basically 36 hours (a few even longer because “that’s how you get used to a new time zone, you just stay up all night the night before”), so we are all exhausted. After the canal tour we moved to the Rijkmuseum, which was very cool

…I am falling asleep as I type this (literally), so I think you’ll have wait for more detail. Tomorrow: Haarlem and Dokkum.


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