Tour 2011: First Post

So I wish this post were more upbeat: As of 8am the road between Grand Forks and Fargo is completely closed down. Not the best way to start a tour. But I’m pretty confident that by the time we intend to get on the road (around 1:30 pm) the roads should be passable (fingers crossed). The goal right now is just to get to Fargo safely.

Nevertheless, we are all excited! I just got the recording from our Bon Voyage concert, and I thought I’d share an excerpt. This is O Maria Maris Stella by American composer William Hawley. We’ve been singing this very well lately, and Tuesday night was no different. Parents: if you have have video of the concert, please feel free to post it on youtube, and I will link to it.

Plans for today are to leave around 1:30, unless the road conditions continue to be sketchy (if the roads are no good, I’ll get in touch with the tour company and we’ll explore next steps). Everyone should drive safely, and hopefully in 12 hours we’ll be on a plane to Amsterdam!

Wish us luck.


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