Making Donnie Look Like a Tenor

Is this guy a true B3? or perhaps B4! He was famous in the the 60s through the 80s as a gospel singer. He holds the World Record for the lowest note ever recorded (C1, 3 octaves below Middle C). The video starts out with “normal” basso profundo singing, and then BAM! You should watch it without skipping ahead…it makes the moment when he really drops down into the basement all that more impressive (if you must skip ahead, the action starts at 2:55-ish). As awesome the basses where on the Rach Vigil last year, this guy would’ve helped us out a bit…

Madrigal Dinner Reminder for Sunday

-Royal Court and Beggars, 6:30

-Full Cast, 8:00.

See you there. Happy Thanksgiving.




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