Mad Din Splits and Next Week

As you all know, I’ll be gone all next week. I will be driving around North Dakota and Minnesota auditioning kids for the UND Honor Choir…many of you in CC were in the UND Honor Choir as high school students (a truly notable honor…just as notable as All-State, I say). It’s a fun and also grueling trip (I listen to literally hundreds of high school singer auditions this week), and I will probably listen to a number of kids that will wind up here at UND. So for me it is fun because I get to look at the future a little bit, as some of these kids will be sitting next to you all next year.

That said, we have work to accomplish while I’m gone. Mr. Gunderson will be supervising and leading most of the rehearsals. Additionally, many of your peers will be spending time rehearsing different pieces…Mary, Kyle, Chris, Nolan, and Shawn will also be up in front of the choir. Show them the utmost respect and support. They are learning how to be choir directors, just as you all are learning to be Expert Choral Singers. If there are any problems (there won’t be…I have total confidence in everybody I’ve asked to lead you) please save your comments for when I return. Above all, be supportive, encouraging, and gracious choir members. After all, that’s what life is all about, isn’t it?

I will miss you next week. Get well. Purge yourselves of Mono, H1N1 and whatever else you may have, and learn some Xmas music. See you in a week. – B

Choir 1

Gunderson, Henrickson

Soprano: Fox-Brenton, Loff, Salveson, Diers, Arvin, Hogenson, Ramstorf

Alto: Abbe, Halvorson, Johnson, Wessman, Braun, Gisvold, Krause

Tenor: Moser, Solberg, Stein, Pearson, Schmaltz

Bass: Beckman, Elness, Stoltz, Azure, Kelly, McGurran, Railsback

Choir 2

Luskey, Weisz, Entzel, Burkland

Soprano: Biel, Bell, Klaus, Mattson, Berhow, Miranda

Alto: Fehr, Burkland, Spies, Skjervheim, Dobson, Doll, Ranstrom

Tenor: Luskey, Oss, Larrabee, Ray, Wright, Weisz

Bass, Entzel, Gapp, Olson, Ramm, Granle, Quibodeaux, Schuette


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