Great Job Last Night

You did exceptionally well, especially given the circumstances. Here is a message from Tom Young, who is the other choir director at Red River High School (yes, they have two…a rarity).

Josh, thanks for a wonderful concert at the temple. You’re choir sounds great: Very well balanced throughout a full dynamic palette. Your choir sings with passion and controlled unity.   I  loved the Schutz — great tonal unity between the two groups. “Suite” de Lorca was really exciting. You produce with your choir the type of sound I would have my high school kids aspire to: Vocally free voices combining into a rich, cohesive whole.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Tom Young

High praise coming from a choral director, for sure.

We will have class on Wednesday and Thursday. No Class Friday. Recording session is canceled (more about that in class).


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