Good luck with memorization!

Hey everybody,

If you need help with memorization here are a few more tips: Its helpful to memorize in short short chunks of time, rather than large chunks, i.e. practice memorizing something for 5-10 minutes, do something else than come back to it, rather that trying to memorize for hours at a time. If you do it for hours at a time, you might memorize something for that chunk of time, but forget it the next day. With text, it generally helps people to speak the text, even while looking at your music. You all know your own learning styles so purposefully use them to your advantage. Remember, give me (701-320-8703), or Nolan Weisz a call (701-870-2671) and we can play/sing other parts so you have harmonic context.

I just found this out but there is UND Concert Choir Alumni facebook group for current and former members. I encourage all of you to check it out and join.


[edit: Nice post Kyle! Most of you are at the polish and refine stage of memorization. Find the spots that you know the least and work those multiple times, then go back and work through the whole piece…either singing or speaking text. Thanks to Kyle and Nolan for the offers of sectional/group work. See you Monday…don’t bring your music to class! 🙂 – B]


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