Reminder for Next Week

Monday: Schnittke

Tuesday: Rautavaara

Wednesday: Nunc Dimittis

Thursday: Tichelli and Kreutz

All pitches, rhythms, and pronunciation done. These things are really just impediments to the real music making (or at least that is one way of looking at them). Be prepared for  small group checks on each day. For Monday, we’ll check Otche Nash (but we’ll work mvmts #1 and #2 also). Checks will be in octets.

Reminder: Please send me your photos and videos from retreat. I’m trying to collect them all and will post the best ones on flicker or something. Here are a few teaser pics.


2 thoughts on “Reminder for Next Week

    • Yes, in fact I saw that a couple of months ago…I think it was put up just after tour…like May or June. Way to go though, for keeping up with it.

      The differences and similarities between this version and ours are Interesting.

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