Former Member Update

I received this email from Kristin Lynch. For those of you who don’t know, Kristin is a recent UND Choral Music Ed. graduate, and former President of Concert Choir. She just moved with her husband to the infamous Panama City, home of embarassing MTV spring break videos (actually she is living at the Air Force base there), and is starting a new chapter of her life. She doesn’t have full time employment yet, but she is looking. Please post your well wishes here.

Hello, hello! How has the rest of your summer been going? Things are slowly starting to feel more settled here. I arrived in Florida about a week and a half ago and have been slowly but surely getting our house put in some semblance of order since then. One of my friends made the long drive down with me…27 hours in the car, and my puppy made the trip with us too. We made a two day stop in Chicago, which was amazing. We spent the afternoon on the beach when we arrived in Florida before I had to drive her into Orlando to catch her flight home. That was another 12 hours in the car…I’m done with driving for awhile.

Even though I just arrived, I am already accompanying a church choir! It’s one of those things that was just meant to be. When I came down to visit Scott over the Fourth of July we went to church on base. We grabbed a bulletin on the way out and as we were driving away I read through it. Lo and behold there was a paragraph stating they needed a pianist! I arrived last Tuesday, met with the director on Thursday to get the music and played on Sunday. And the choir is GOOD! There are about a dozen volunteer members, they rehearse for about an hour and a half on Thursdays and an hour before Mass on Sundays, and the amazing thing is they sing everything in parts (and do a decent job of it too). They also have a hand bell choir… 🙂 It sounds like they don’t have room for one more ringer, but I told her to keep me in mind if they need a substitute.

Hope you are doing well and are enjoying your last few weeks of summer!

Take care,


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