First Post

So this is my first post to this UND Concert Choir blog. I am blatantly stealing the idea from this website, which is really awesome (the site is awesome, not the stealing). I’m hoping that this blog will become the main information portal for Concert Choir members and interested followers. Right now, I’m just trying to figure out how to make wordpress work. Obviously, this blog is still under development, so keep checking back for updates. Feel free to leave a comment here or on the UAB Choir blog. They have been very welcoming.

Hope your summer is going well.



14 thoughts on “First Post

  1. Hello, I’m a student from UAB. It’s good to have another choir join the blogger’s ranks. I look forward to seeing what you’re choir is doing.

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging!
    It will be a new and thrilling adventure
    for you and your choir I’m sure.
    I know it is for us.

    Ps: I’m UAB representative #3 🙂

    have fun and as my friend Chris said above,
    we are definitely excited to see and hear what
    you guys will have going on in the near future.

  3. And a hearty welcome from the University of Washington. I’m so glad to find another choir blogger! My choir started using one last spring, and it’s working amazingly well.

    I’ll be adding your blog to my RSS and blogroll. I look forward to reading the progression, and keeping up with your choir from Seattle!

  4. Hello UND Concert Choir!

    Welcome to the world of blogging. I hope you find this blog to be an invaluable tool in communication with your choir. At the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), we employ the use of our choir’s blog religiously and it has been a great place for us to discuss upcoming pieces we will perform in addition to rehearsal dates and posting great recordings of great choral literature. Again, welcome!

    Best wishes!

    Brian Denton

    • Thanks to all who have welcomed us to the blogging world. I’m excited about the potential this blog has for our group.

  5. Welcome to the fabulous world of speedy communication with your choir students! Another from UAB, I wish you well!


  6. you are pretty much doomed to 60 or so well-wishers from the UAB concert choir.

    Coplando has sent out the call! 😀

    I hope this works out well for you, it’s a great way for new and prospective choir members to feel connected to the choir.

  7. Hello! Welcome! We love having the blog for the choir and I hope you really enjoy this experience as much as we are!

    UAB Concert Choir

  8. So I’m guessing the whole “no choir on Fridays” thing didn’t work out since the calendar says that’s our first day.

    Also, w00t blog!

  9. I claim rights to the first person who makes one of those inane “first post!!!111one!!” posts here.

    Interesting place we’ve got here.

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